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As Blue and I step out our front door a teenage girl wheeling by says with a smile, “What a beautiful dog.” I reply, “Thanks. You have a unicycle.” She smiles wider and cycles on her way while the dog and I walk the other. As we circle the block, our paths again crisscross, and we share another smile. First time I’ve seen her and her unicycle in our neighborhood. Quite unexpected. Rather wonderful. This glimmer of circus flair among the beige houses.

September 19, 2015


unexpected heart skip

Thankful for neighbors who know Blue and me. That dog got loose from the backyard leash tonight. I didn’t know until the phone rang and I was asked, “Do you have a dog named Blue?” Thankfully, after a joy run described as, “he was running fast,” Blue went to Becca and her friend Steve when they called him. That alone is amazing, wonderful and rare without Blue bait in the form of a treat or pretty girl dog. Becca used Tilly’s leash to walk him the short distance home. Scared me. I didn’t know they had him when I hung up the phone. I shouted to the boys to help me catch him, grabbed his leash and went out the front door and saw them. Situation under control. *Relief* Crazy dog that is crashed out, conked, happily asleep dreaming doggy dreams now. Thankful it all happened before dark and he is OK and home. 

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Our Stories: 33 Janean Baird


#33 in The Crayon Diary’s Our Stories series is about Blue dog and me. Thank you, J. Timothy Quirk for creating this portrait in art and words.

Originally posted on The Crayon Diary:

33 Janean Baird poem

Janean Baird is part of “Team Awesome” a group of friends who met on Twitter. Although we were from different parts of North America (friends in Canada, in central NY, in western NY, in Alabama, Janean’s from Illinois and I’m in CT) we formed a tight knit supportive community.

Janean writes about her family, often writing about Blue, her German Shepherd and the walks they take under the moonlight.  Her blog is  Turquoise Tangles


janean 1

In 2012 I created a format to showcase some of the talent our team had and called it the “Collected Works of Awesome”. You can find it on SCRIBD here!  This is Janean’s poem (and photo).


When I started Nutmeg Chatter I also reached out to Janean and she permitted one of her poems to be used with another team member’s photo…

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Mother’s Day

The birds serenaded Blue and I on our early morning walk. Thankfully the pouring rain from earlier had stopped, though we’d have walked anyway. Enjoying breakfast now and some quiet time before the boys wake up. I love being their mom. My oldest son gave me my Mother’s Day gift early by going to the Good Friday artist reception and service in April. My younger son wrote me a poem that I’m not supposed to know about, but I saw the rough draft on accident while looking for his weekly report. Since he was out sick three days last week his awesome teacher sent it home with Friday’s homework with a post-it, “For Andrew’s Eyes Only :-)” I didn’t peek! Hope everyone I know has a blessed day filled with abundant love that overflows. Hug each other close. I had no idea how much my parents loved me until I became a mom. I get it now. Love that knows no bounds.

May 10, 2015