life mates

I was walking Blue on toward home, when I spied a cardinal pair swoop and fly together, side by side, as the cold wind blew. That’s love.

February 14, 2013
a.k.a. Valentine’s Day

sometimes I am My Mother’s Daughter
today is one of those days
It’s Valentine’s Day
all day
and I find myself wearing pink
and the heart covered socks
that my mother gave me
long ago
I wear ‘em once a year
on Valentine’s Day
might as well
and as long as I gave into pink
and socks with hearts
I put on lipstick too
yes, my mother would approve
my oldest son is wearing black today
I let him
I sorta wanted to wear black too
the rebel in me
even though it’s not showing
on the outside
it’s there
underneath the pink

so much more

Love is so much more
than Valentine’s flowers
chocolate too
maybe even dinner

Love is for everyday
not just one red heart day
shown in many different ways
if you’re lucky
and take the time
to notice

Love is a precious gift
given freely
with no strings attached
or hoops to jump through
to receive it

Love is life
for life is richer
with love in it