She is a pretty city

I watched a gorgeous sunrise
over Chicago’s downtown loop
from pitch black
to the darkest of blue
to a rosy glow on the horizon
She is a pretty city
from this ninth floor view

On November 17, 2011, I initially wrote these words as a Facebook status update that read, "Janean Baird is watchin' a gorgeous sunrise over Chicago's downtown loop. From pitch black, to the darkest of blue to a rosy glow on the horizon. She is a pretty city. Chicago. From this ninth floor view." Combined with the pictures I quickly snapped, as the sky changed colors, it felt like a poem. Even away from home, I guess I Have A Thing For Sunrise.

morning light

on this Monet morning

the sky is wakin' up

Oh, What A Sunrise!

Feed Your Soul

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


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