kitty in the window

Panzer pawing at the window to get Blue’s attention. For the first time ever, didn’t work. Blue did sit up when he spied a squirrel hopping through a neighbor’s yard. Sitting here awhile longer as the breeze blows.

April 27, 2018

Blue and I

Blue and I sat in the backyard sunshine this morning after both boys left for school. I took some still photos of Blue looking left and then right, assessing, protecting, for this is his turf. The birds serenaded as the cool breeze blew making the wind-chimes chime. I made this video to save and share this moment in time. Blue is slowing down, eating less and sleeping more. We are staying in our own yard instead of walking sidewalk paths we both know by heart. Thankful for each day, especially quiet moments such as this.

April 25, 2018