dog’s been out
coffee’s on
still full dark out
barely five a.m.
the day has begun
must be Monday
or any other day
at my house
now for a smidge
of quiet time
before the rest
of my family
the chimes chime
the clock ticks
and my keys tap
good morning


My blissful blue sky day took a turn for the gray and gloomy.
At lunchtime my husband told me there us an inch of snow in the forecast.
Mid morning it was in the 40’s and I was so warm while walking the dog in the sunshine I took my coat off.
Crazy Illinois weather.
My daffodils, the ones planted in a protected spot, are coming up.
I so hope they don’t get nipped by frost, ice or snow in the months ahead.
P.S. Yes, the water tower reads, “Town of Normal”.
P.S.S. I didn’t let the grayscale sky color get me down because I savored the blue while it was brightest and lifted my face to the sun while it shone.

as morning comes
the sky brightens
it’s been a few days
since we’ve seen
a glow on the horizon
with a hint
of the morning sun
oh, how I hope
that today will be
a blue sky day
to feel the warmth
of the winter’s sun
on my face
and drink in the beauty
of varying shades of blue
across the heaven
perhaps with wisps
of white clouds
if we’re lucky
the day is filled
with promise
as morning comes