as morning comes

as morning comes
the sky brightens
it’s been a few days
since we’ve seen
a glow on the horizon
with a hint
of the morning sun
oh, how I hope
that today will be
a blue sky day
to feel the warmth
of the winter’s sun
on my face
and drink in the beauty
of varying shades of blue
across the heaven
perhaps with wisps
of white clouds
if we’re lucky
the day is filled
with promise
as morning comes

© 2012 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles

"as morning comes" was first posted at Tumblr on the morning of January 27, 2012


10 thoughts on “as morning comes

  1. "the day is filledwith promiseas morning comes" :up:

  2. Thank you, Jill. For the smiling thumb's up.But mostly, for reading along. ~ Janean

  3. surely. my pleasure.

  4. Originally posted by greatZenaida:

    beautiful morning's light!:)

    Thank you, Zena. I do love greeting each new day. 🙂

  5. Zena,No problemo. I saw your note in my Shout Box and added you right back. I didn't sign up for Opera for friends. I signed up for a place to write. The friends have been a wonderful surprise.You've shared your Faith on your blog. Your belief in Jesus as the Son of God. It IS hard sometimes to be true to yourself and your heart when others in your life, even friends and loved ones, don't understand how you're different and born again in your walk with the Lord. Continue to spend time with those who enrich your life. You'll be happier and less angst-ridden for it. My Dad's advice, years ago, before I went to college was the same that his father gave him, "Seek the good and shun the bad." Sometimes it's that simple. If people are making choices you don't want to be part of, remove yourself from the situation. Though I know, sometimes this is easier said, than done. It's going to be OK. Keep teaching, writing, and being a great mom to your children and things will work themselves out. ~ Janean

  6. Zena, I read your reply above. Sleep can be restorative after a long day with too many rough spots in it. Hope your week holiday helped ease your worries and brought a smile to your face. Facebook is fun. Glad we're connected there too via the Turquoise Tangles group. Thanks for following me there too. ~ Janean

  7. beautiful morning's light!:)

  8. Your wlcm! and thank you too…and I'm sorry to deleted you as my friend, since i started in this site, I remember i have a very diffecult communication with others, until i learned to be friendly and having fun but now seems to me, nothing to feel about it anymore, I never expected from the beginning that i could learned to be happy and laugh but is just temporarily, everything falls a part of me…even all my old friends that i found them back so many years, they don't like me anymore…i have a fight to my youngest sis. that i introduced with her, but also i found out, they change and i change too, it's not like it was…it's along story…I'm not fit with them, with their life style, but anayway, I still have few friends like parents just like me and you with kids…and that's all matter! At this moment, still my journey about my passed, still unresolved and even found out the worse, so all i'm living lie…i think just stupid ignorance of me…anyway never too late…and it is not age that makes us change, but the willingness to know my history and the courage to recognize the things that poisoned in my life for along time…it's really devastated feeling, but I have no choice now I have to go for it, and felt everything until it's over…hopely, i could be normal and happy again…just needed a time to heal in the right place and in the right person that I become…thank's 4 friendship here and there…Love and thanks!!!:heart: :up: 🙂

  9. Oh…a place to write about what? " life is so beautiful " idk! I am not the person like i used to be, i was always holding on, but seems to me, i'm losing everything…i knw that it's easier to be said than to be done, but for how long? I'm tired, yeah i wish it's going to be okay…don't worry tomrow another day perhaps if i'm lucky person, oh forget it, just bad day today, i think i'm going to bed try to get sleep, anyway thanks for adding me and i was happy to see your post on FB…have a nice weekends and by the way, we have week holidays and few days go somewhere with my kids…so see you, and have a gr8 day tomrow!:bye: 🙂 :sing: 😀

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