quiet time

sometimes I just want to be quiet
really, I do
no television talking
or video games blaring
no chatterboxing me
in the room

sometimes I just want to answer
with a serene smile
or a face streaked with silent tears
shhhh, no talking
it’s just too much
let’s simply be
for awhile

Sun’s up here!
The day has now officially begun!
It’s a beaut too.
My one complaint about my cool new phone with the built in camera is it’s not sophisticated enough to see the nuance of color I can see.
It’s bands of deep orange, alternating with lavender.
Oooooo, marvelous!
I’m standing on the deck in my leopard and rose print pajamas (as garish a combination as it sounds like here, a loving gift from my doting aunt).
The dog was thrilled to go out without asking, and is happily chewing on a stick at my feet.
Time to get cleaned up and then wake my family in twenty minutes time.
I have a breakfast date with my mother.
Smiling at the thought.
Happy Thursday!
Mine is already A Good One.