quiet time

sometimes I just want to be quiet
really, I do
no television talking
or video games blaring
no chatterboxing me
in the room

sometimes I just want to answer
with a serene smile
or a face streaked with silent tears
shhhh, no talking
it’s just too much
let’s simply be
for awhile


Sun’s up here!
The day has now officially begun!
It’s a beaut too.
My one complaint about my cool new phone with the built in camera is it’s not sophisticated enough to see the nuance of color I can see.
It’s bands of deep orange, alternating with lavender.
Oooooo, marvelous!
I’m standing on the deck in my leopard and rose print pajamas (as garish a combination as it sounds like here, a loving gift from my doting aunt).
The dog was thrilled to go out without asking, and is happily chewing on a stick at my feet.
Time to get cleaned up and then wake my family in twenty minutes time.
I have a breakfast date with my mother.
Smiling at the thought.
Happy Thursday!
Mine is already A Good One.

It’s still full dark out this morning.
Up since 4:30am with The Early Dog.
Amazingly I woke up feeling mostly awake.
Even at THAT hour.
Coffee is helping open my eyes the rest of the way.
So when that pup was quiet and not underfoot I went lookin’ for him…
Ah, there he is, lying in the still dark living room, near the base of the gated stairs, waiting for the rest of the family to wake up.
But what’s he chewing on?
Oh, that’d be the alabaster candlestick my husband brought back from a USMC trip to Albania more than a few years ago.
Summer of ‘95, I think.
It’s not too much worse for wear.
It’s one of a pair.
I’m not sure where the mate is…or the candle…but I’m trying not to worry about that, and remembering they were empty last time I saw them.
I did mention the sun hasn’t yet risen to announce morning’s here?
Never a dull moment, even before 6:00am.


I have a dog named Blue.
He’s named for his black fur that looks blue like a raven in the sunlight.
As an artist, I think of the primary color.
Secretly, I think he does too.
He’s a romantic, this dog.
Moonlit walks.
Starry nights.
Sunrise serenades.
How I love him.
This morning I heard, “Woof”, and joined him at the sliding doors to head outside.
This time though, instead of the lingering dark of night, the sky was awash in shades of lavender and hot pink, blended just so.
Oh, such wonderful colors.
Faded to steely winter sky color now.
But for moment, I stood in the brisk February morning, and savored the sunrise.
Thanks to my dog named Blue.


Given the choice between indoor commotion and starlight, I choose starlight.
Given the choice between doing the never ending dishes and listening to the trees rustle in the wind, I choose trees.
Given the choice between the overlapping sounds of my son practicing violin with a WWII movie on TV and the sounds of the night, I choose night.
Who needs to run away from home when you can open the sliding doors, and step into the magic of the backyard at night, as the chimes chime, and the wild dog settles from ball chasing, into stick chewing, and I can hear myself think, yet again.
All I needed was starlight, trees and the night.
Yes, sometimes life is all about the choices.
~ Janean