It’s still full dark out this morning.
Up since 4:30am with The Early Dog.
Amazingly I woke up feeling mostly awake.
Even at THAT hour.
Coffee is helping open my eyes the rest of the way.
So when that pup was quiet and not underfoot I went lookin’ for him…
Ah, there he is, lying in the still dark living room, near the base of the gated stairs, waiting for the rest of the family to wake up.
But what’s he chewing on?
Oh, that’d be the alabaster candlestick my husband brought back from a USMC trip to Albania more than a few years ago.
Summer of ‘95, I think.
It’s not too much worse for wear.
It’s one of a pair.
I’m not sure where the mate is…or the candle…but I’m trying not to worry about that, and remembering they were empty last time I saw them.
I did mention the sun hasn’t yet risen to announce morning’s here?
Never a dull moment, even before 6:00am.


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