Note To Self

…and of course the best way to be sure the children are going to start waking up is to say (or type) aloud that they are still sleeping. One awake. Two to go. My 14 year old nephew is bunking with us too.

June 8, 2013
as of 7:41 a.m. on Saturday morning

dog walk thoughts

I walked Blue through the park this morning early, our favorite route, while a cold rain fell. As my peacock adorned rain boots hit the wet sidewalk, after we made it through and were headed on toward home, these words rang in my head in a steady rhythm:
“Grit, Steel, Grace and Love
that’s what Janean Baird is made of.”

Of course it should read, “Janean Marie Thompson Baird” but that’s too long and ruins the word flow.

I’m going to wake up the boys next and plan on unplugging as best I can to make art today, for that is the soothing balm my aching and weary soul needs most.

March 11, 2013


NOTE TO SELF: Don’t uncrate the happy to see you big dog, while just wrapped in a towel with another towel wrapped turban style upon your head. ‘Cause if you do, the one on your head will fall off, the other one will slip, and that dog’s pointy nose doesn’t need to go THERE…

The bright side is: I had an oh so lovely, steamin’ hot shower, on a rainy, thunder-stormin’ Tuesday morn. Rain helps. It just does. Soothes me on the inside. Pourin’ down by the bucketful.

Once I throw some clothes on, and feed my dear sweet boys, Blue dog and I are walkin’ in the rain. He’ll be wearin’ his usual tan paws and I’ll be wearin’ BOOTS…my peacock adorned rubber rain kind.
~ Me

January 29, 2013

sorta awake now

I just dropped loose coffee on the kitchen floor
Grrrr!!! I needed that coffee brewed!!!!
It was my “good” Kauai coffee too. The kind my parents keep me supplied in out of love. grrrr
Bright Side:
1. it’s swept up
2. I only wasted 3 Tablespoons AND
3. I can make more…like NOW.
Hope it’s not a sign of a day of mishaps to come…

December 5, 2012

It’s still full dark out this morning.
Up since 4:30am with The Early Dog.
Amazingly I woke up feeling mostly awake.
Even at THAT hour.
Coffee is helping open my eyes the rest of the way.
So when that pup was quiet and not underfoot I went lookin’ for him…
Ah, there he is, lying in the still dark living room, near the base of the gated stairs, waiting for the rest of the family to wake up.
But what’s he chewing on?
Oh, that’d be the alabaster candlestick my husband brought back from a USMC trip to Albania more than a few years ago.
Summer of ‘95, I think.
It’s not too much worse for wear.
It’s one of a pair.
I’m not sure where the mate is…or the candle…but I’m trying not to worry about that, and remembering they were empty last time I saw them.
I did mention the sun hasn’t yet risen to announce morning’s here?
Never a dull moment, even before 6:00am.