sorta awake now

I just dropped loose coffee on the kitchen floor
Grrrr!!! I needed that coffee brewed!!!!
It was my “good” Kauai coffee too. The kind my parents keep me supplied in out of love. grrrr
Bright Side:
1. it’s swept up
2. I only wasted 3 Tablespoons AND
3. I can make more…like NOW.
Hope it’s not a sign of a day of mishaps to come…

December 5, 2012


Part of my growly mood yesterday was anxiety about my husband starting a new type of chemo today. I just didn’t feel like smiling and making idle chit chat to be polite. I wanted to yell, cuss, kick and cry…but I didn’t do that either. Well, not too much.
~ Janean

July 17, 2012