Gracious Words.: I am writer…


I will write until it hurts no more.

Until the last of the tears dry and the final drop of ink kiss the sullied pages of my notes.

I will write until no words are left unspoken and the final sunset has come down before these tired eyes.

I will write until every fiber in my hand is…

Gracious Words.: I am writer…


road trip

hittin’ the road

in an hour’s time

goin’ north again

to Chicago

not for sight seein’

for staple removal

it’s been two weeks

and a few days



hope the snow holds off

a little longer

and the wind isn’t too strong

sunshine would be nice

and blue skies

to say, “It’ll All Be OK”

from here on out

praying through it

and breathing

in and out

until then

goin’ on a road trip

a day trip

to Chicago

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

snow prayers

my youngest son

is yearning





and praying

for snow

since it wasn’t today

maybe tomorrow

in his eight year old mind

he’s waited long enough

for snowballs

snow forts


and snow days 

please God

let it snow soon

for him

I want to see his smile

and join him

in snow play

now I’m prayin’ 

for snow


© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

kudipeaches: Poem Recipe


Poem Recipe:

  1. Take a blank white page and a black ink pen
  2. Stare into the lines on the page
  3. Think a thought not thought by others
  4. Swivel your Ls and Ms and Gs ‘cause they’re your favorites in cursive (admit it)
  5. Bake those thoughts between the lines
  6. Let the meter , or lack there of, simmer on your tongue
  7. Ask yourself, “Is this a poem?”
  8. Your immediate response should be “No”

And there you a have a poem

©2011 KUDiYAH CA’LYSSe.  All Rights Reserved


Christmas is comin’

as night falls

my heart hurts

I have a lump in my throat

and it was a good day

it was

I’m just having a hard time

with Christmas this year

and I love Christmas

the decorations

the music

the presents

the giving

more than getting

the fun of it

the joy

the laughter

this year I’m just not there yet

hope it kicks in soon

it’s not about Santa for me

it’s about the birth of Jesus

I’ll focus on that

and hope

for the peace of Him

to lift the burden

from my heart

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

The Idiot Manifesto: Sitting On The Window Ledge



A few days ago, I made a post concerning an idea Nick and I thought up.

A project dedicated to collections of writing each centred around a theme or prompt. A few people were interested in this, when I made a very vague post mentioning the idea.

So! We have decided to create a blog, run by the both of us, that will make this whole idea a lot easier to manage.

Here ‘ya go! Feel free to follow.

Basically, the idea is to have a new theme or prompt every couple of weeks or so, and sometimes we will incorporate sub-prompts, which will help us keep the project fun and easy-going, no?

At the moment, this is open to all.

Be creative. Want to collaborate with your buddy? Go for it. Want to come up with a collection within a collection? Go for it.

Here are a few guidelines for you all to recite at night before you go to sleep. 😉

  • Have a prompt idea? Submit it to us, unless it’s fucked up…
  • Want to contribute?! Post your piece and tag it with the set prompt name. The first will be announced shortly.
  • Want to contribute more than once?! Knock yourself out, have fun. 
  • Deadlines will vary, but and will be announced with each prompt. We’ll try our best to be understanding to those that need a little bit more time. 

Now I know this isn’t flawless, but we will try our best to iron out the kinks as we go on with this idea.

Watch out Sitting On The Window Ledge’s first prompt, in about an hour!

*** If you love me you’ll reblog this…. 😀

Cool idea. I’m in. 

The Idiot Manifesto: Sitting On The Window Ledge