tickled pink

pink clouds in the sunrise
it’s going to be a good day
they always make me smile
that’s how I know
‘cause here I stand
under morning’s glow
smiling up at the sky
and sighing happy sighs
because of the pink cloud sunrise
and perhaps a few things more
smiling serenely to myself
and sighing happy sighs galore

November 5, 2012


Christmas is comin’

as night falls

my heart hurts

I have a lump in my throat

and it was a good day

it was

I’m just having a hard time

with Christmas this year

and I love Christmas

the decorations

the music

the presents

the giving

more than getting

the fun of it

the joy

the laughter

this year I’m just not there yet

hope it kicks in soon

it’s not about Santa for me

it’s about the birth of Jesus

I’ll focus on that

and hope

for the peace of Him

to lift the burden

from my heart

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles