This afternoon I’ll be speaking to three 4th grade classes about careers in art. I’ve had a few: gallery watcher, gallery crew/gallery watcher, graphic artist and art director. Currently I’m a fine artist and volunteer art teacher. I’m also to work in references to reading and math. I’m going to thrill the teachers when I say, “Artists need to know how to add and divide fractions.” ‘Tis true! I’m sending each child home with a copy of my poem, “sing your song”, as well as a brochure of summer classes offered at the McLean County Arts Center and business cards for Main Gallery 404. I added an extra copy to each stack so the teacher can have one too. Next week my Art Club will receive the same packet. Oh, how I love sharing the fun of creating art with others. Especially children. *happy sigh*

May 10, 2013


My favorite part of today’s Art Club, with 16 students in 3rd-5th grade, was hearing one girl say on her way out the door, “I wish Art Club could be every week.” Today they drew continuous line self portraits with a black felt tip marker. No erasing was possible. Then they added color with washable Crayola markers. I made one too. *happy sigh* Now it’s time to store their artwork in a portfolio, clean up the scattered supplies, move tables and chairs, and finally head home. ~ Janean

“you’re on my optic nerve”
by Janean M. Baird
9” x 12”
November 1, 2012