cat vs. dog

I carried Blue dog to the basement today. He let me and didn’t thrash about. I am so tired of my animals not getting along. Get over it already. Snuggles the cat ran. Blue got ahold of her with his mouth. She got her claws into his face and held on. I didn’t know what to do then. I made him drop her. She ran upstairs and hid in the laundry room. She came out for my youngest son, age ten. She let me pick her up. No blood. Just saliva on her tummy. I held her. Told her she was the fuzzball boss and needed to let Blue know it. Carried her to the basement where the dog still was. Blue was waiting at the bottom of the stairs but not barking. That was good. Better was that when Snuggles snarled at him from my arms and went to jump, Blue ran up the stairs on his own and Snuggles found a basement spot of her own. Since then Blue has fussed at the top of the basement stairs, but won’t venture down on his own. He doesn’t like the feel of the painted wood. Too slippery. Afraid he’ll fall. They look too steep from the top. We’ll try again another day, even though my sons think I am crazy for what I did today. Just get along. I also told Miss Snuggles that I loved them both. She is my favorite cat and Blue is my favorite dog. That my heart was big enough to love them both. Oh. She heard me. She’s thinking about. Though feline plotting is more like it. *sigh* =^.^=

March 16, 2014


burrowed in

I am “a winter person.” I am. I love the coziness of winter. Bundled up clothes. Sweatshirts and sweaters. Fuzzy socks. Fleece blankets. Soup and hot drinks. I don’t mind shoveling snow either and have done LOTS of that THIS winter! Granted, I am also appreciative when my snowblower owning neighbors help me out with those extra big drifts. Blue is a snow dog. He and I have had a lot of fun making side by side tracks in fresh snow and climbing through drifts. Ice is another matter. I don’t mess around with ice, like the wintry mix hitting my windows now with a rat a tat tat. Burrowed in suits me just fine, as does winter. However, I am saying so quietly, just a whisper. When spring comes I will delight in the green and sigh at the daffodils. Summertime’s hot makes me wilt a bit, but I love the length of the days. Then the colors of fall foliage and a briskness in the air. Each season has beauty. Winter is for hibernating, resting, burrowing. Suits me. Especially this year. Honestly, my favorite season is whatever season I am in.

February 17, 2014

My favorite part of today’s Art Club, with 16 students in 3rd-5th grade, was hearing one girl say on her way out the door, “I wish Art Club could be every week.” Today they drew continuous line self portraits with a black felt tip marker. No erasing was possible. Then they added color with washable Crayola markers. I made one too. *happy sigh* Now it’s time to store their artwork in a portfolio, clean up the scattered supplies, move tables and chairs, and finally head home. ~ Janean

“you’re on my optic nerve”
by Janean M. Baird
9” x 12”
November 1, 2012

today is for tie dye
to combat the overcast sky outside
I’m resurrecting Tie Dye Friday
just for today
‘cause a few years ago it made me grin
and got me through a rough spot
good old tie dye
in every color of the rainbow
turquoise and purple too
my favorite
and second favorite hue
now I’m wishin’ a Happy Tie Dye Friday to you!
~ Janean

October 6, 2012

today is a day for favorite jeans
faded, creased and fraying
soft and pliable
curve hugging, not binding
way past “stylish”
not dark enough
not boot cut enough
not “skinny” enough
just right for me
the denim wrapped kind
with cowgirl boots for courage
countin’ down the hours and minutes
to my husband’s appointment time
soon we’ll know the answer to the question,
“What’s next?”

September 14, 2012

I nearly bought clearance roses today
almost, but not quite

I held them to my face for a moment
almost, but not quite

there were several bouquets waiting
almost, but not quite

had I given in, this was my favorite one
almost, but not quite

even for $4.99 these gorgeous roses, in varied hues stayed behind today
almost, but not quite

resting in my cart, for but a moment
almost, but not quite

my mom’s spice tea recipe

My mom’s spice tea is one of my favorite tastes of fall and winter. I started my day by making a big pot of it – even though I’m the only one in my house who likes it. It’s Comfort Food for me – in liquid form. My mom made it rarely when I was growing up. I remember spice tea on Christmas morning, snow days and when she’d host her evening card group a few times a year. Sometimes I even got to take the left over to school in my thermos. When you make it, the cinnamon and cloves make the whole house smell good and everything feel all right – inside and out. Happy New Year’s Eve Day, as my father wished me in an early morning e-mail. ~ Janean

Spice Tea

2 cups sugar

2 dozen cloves (or less)

2 cups water

2 or 3 cinnamon sticks

Boil together 15 minutes

Pour 8 cups boiling water over 6 tea bags (or 2 Family Size tea bags), let stand

Add to sugar mixture when brewed

Then add: 4 Tablespoons lemon juice, 1/2 can frozen undiluted orange juice. Add 4 cups boiling water. Simmer, do no boil

Extra can be stored in the refrigerator overnight and reheated the next day. You may want to remove the cloves before storing because their flavor gets stronger if left in overnight.

My sister told me once with a wink that this recipe was supposed to be a secret, but I think it’s meant to be shared.