I’m packing away
a comforter today
the one my Grandma made
to top my childhood twin bed
twas my winter comforter
made of heavy fabric
for extra warmth
with a tangible weight to it
you know
when you’re nestled underneath
you can feel it
even as you sleep
Grandma and Grandpa’s love
always with you
they worked as a tag team
in nearly everything
my sister’s bed
sported a matching comforter
Grandma made two
nearly the same
a lot like my sister and I
for years I’ve said
(a bit tongue in cheek)
“She is the blonde version
and I’m the brunette.”
but beyond our similar look
face shape, smiles bright,
dimpled chin from our dad
we’re more alike than not
on the inside
I’m packing away
a comforter today
for the warmth, comfort and strength
this decades old blanket
made with Thompson Love
gave me
through the fall, winter and spring
now past

June 17, 2013


the sky is crazy cool today
cotton ball clouds lined up in rows
neat and tidy
like a field with furrows
to the left I see but brilliant blue
where the clouds are few
they are all in the right sky
on this Mother’s Day
makin’ me smile
all the while
as they float, merge and blend
different now than they were then
the sun shines upon my face
soon at church we’ll sing of grace
and read of the Lord God high above
who made the firmament
which is crazy cool today

I nearly bought clearance roses today
almost, but not quite

I held them to my face for a moment
almost, but not quite

there were several bouquets waiting
almost, but not quite

had I given in, this was my favorite one
almost, but not quite

even for $4.99 these gorgeous roses, in varied hues stayed behind today
almost, but not quite

resting in my cart, for but a moment
almost, but not quite