Mother’s Day

The birds serenaded Blue and I on our early morning walk. Thankfully the pouring rain from earlier had stopped, though we’d have walked anyway. Enjoying breakfast now and some quiet time before the boys wake up. I love being their mom. My oldest son gave me my Mother’s Day gift early by going to the Good Friday artist reception and service in April. My younger son wrote me a poem that I’m not supposed to know about, but I saw the rough draft on accident while looking for his weekly report. Since he was out sick three days last week his awesome teacher sent it home with Friday’s homework with a post-it, “For Andrew’s Eyes Only :-)” I didn’t peek! Hope everyone I know has a blessed day filled with abundant love that overflows. Hug each other close. I had no idea how much my parents loved me until I became a mom. I get it now. Love that knows no bounds.

May 10, 2015


the sky is crazy cool today
cotton ball clouds lined up in rows
neat and tidy
like a field with furrows
to the left I see but brilliant blue
where the clouds are few
they are all in the right sky
on this Mother’s Day
makin’ me smile
all the while
as they float, merge and blend
different now than they were then
the sun shines upon my face
soon at church we’ll sing of grace
and read of the Lord God high above
who made the firmament
which is crazy cool today