never a dull moment

This morning there was the most mega cat vs. dog race of all. Oh my word, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you! Snuggles was so smart and hid in the hallway bathroom bathtub. Blue didn’t figure it out (even though that crazy cat kept right on with her mountain lion growling). It wasn’t until after our walk that he found her. THEN he tried to get in the bathtub with her! I grabbed him by the collar and hauled him out. As I did, Snuggles ran away to the master bath, her safe spot. I closed Blue in my youngest son’s bedroom to give Snuggles time to make her getaway. I found her hunkered down, sitting alongside the tub in the master bath. I sat on the opposite edge, to hold and cuddle my Brave Like A Mountain Lion Cat. She was quiet. No growls. No purrs. I think she was in shock. That big Blue dog is still looking for that cat. He’ll be on the main floor sniffing one moment, then he runs upstairs to look for Miss Snuggles in the next. I really think he just wants to play, and considers their mega chase as a game. With his wagging tail and goofy grin, Mr. Blue is saying, “That was fun! Bring it on! I’m ready to do it again!” Me?! I’m just ready for coffee and some breakfast. The best part about Blue starting his day by chasing the cat was he didn’t strain against his leash as much on our morning walk. He even missed a chance to try to chase a wily rabbit that was sitting statue still less than six feet away. The rabbit and I acknowledged the other eye to eye, as I walked on past with my wolf-lookalike dog, Blue. Woof.

June 13, 2013

My favorite part of today’s Art Club, with 16 students in 3rd-5th grade, was hearing one girl say on her way out the door, “I wish Art Club could be every week.” Today they drew continuous line self portraits with a black felt tip marker. No erasing was possible. Then they added color with washable Crayola markers. I made one too. *happy sigh* Now it’s time to store their artwork in a portfolio, clean up the scattered supplies, move tables and chairs, and finally head home. ~ Janean

“you’re on my optic nerve”
by Janean M. Baird
9” x 12”
November 1, 2012

It’s an Art Day

It’s another Art Day here. I can hardly wait! I’ve been invited to show my artwork at a shop in uptown Normal next Wednesday, and I said, “Yes”, even without a stack of completed art, ready and waiting to go on display, at a moments notice. (About a week’s notice in this case.) Along with the “Yes”, I admitted that the ideas have been stacking up, but I hadn’t set aside the time and space to make the art. So, today is the day, and most likely tomorrow. I’m lookin’ forward to it, with a sparkle in my eye and a ready grin. Hooray! It’s An Art Day here!  ~ Janean

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