I’m sorting Art Club’s artwork into portfolios to give them at our last hurrah lunchtime pizza party today. I’m as excited as they are that we get to be together one last time this school year. We’ve had fun AND they made some cool art. Win win!

May 14, 2013



I enjoyed being a Career Day guest speaker. The fourth graders were great listeners! One class even clapped after I read my poem, “sing your song.” Others ooo’ed and ahh’ed at my artwork as it appeared on the smart board. I have a new skill now too: Smart Board Operator. I’ve already been invited back for next year!

May 10, 2013

I love my RAV
Just sayin’
When I bought her in late August
I had Art Haulin’ on the brain
This picture shows eight pieces stowed upright, between the seats
There is one more “big one” lyin’ flat in the way back
(18” x 24” plus frame and glass)
The back is usually reserved for Blue, soccer balls and groceries
…though not all three at the same time
Two of these nine pieces I dropped off for the next art show that opens April 19th
Details to come…later
There is art to unload right now
I love my RAV
Just sayin’

April 5, 2013

I’ve been building a mountain
in shades of gray
with a dab of brown too
numerous pieces of paper
held together with glue
these are the scraps
in pieces and bits
they aren’t recycled yet
I may still need them
mountain building takes time
and more patience
than I knew I had
I can see the finished artwork clearly
in my mind
until then
it’s considered
a work in progress
sorta like the woman
using scissors, paper and glue
to build the mountain

July 2, 2012

today’s the day

today’s the day I show my art

the pieces that have had my laser focus

for the past few days

I still can’t believe I said, “Yes” so fast

without anything ready to show

with a week’s notice

and other activities scheduled as well

amazingly it all came together

with my husband’s help

and encouragement

mostly he gave me the space

to create

and only called me stubborn once

I owned it and agreed

I kept saying, “This just feels

like too good

of an opportunity

to miss”

he understood

he did

and now



and nervous

sums up the jangle in my stomach 

details to see to 

things to do

one more piece of artwork

to finish and get framed

first thing this morning


today’s the day


© Turquoise Tangles

It’s an Art Day

It’s another Art Day here. I can hardly wait! I’ve been invited to show my artwork at a shop in uptown Normal next Wednesday, and I said, “Yes”, even without a stack of completed art, ready and waiting to go on display, at a moments notice. (About a week’s notice in this case.) Along with the “Yes”, I admitted that the ideas have been stacking up, but I hadn’t set aside the time and space to make the art. So, today is the day, and most likely tomorrow. I’m lookin’ forward to it, with a sparkle in my eye and a ready grin. Hooray! It’s An Art Day here!  ~ Janean

© Turquoise Tangles