I awoke

I awoke with a smile
I nearly always do
sleep refreshes
body, mind and soul

I awoke with a smile
and lollygagged in bed
purring cat sat atop me
‘til sunlight was shining in

I awoke with a smile
even as I heard
a muffled woof
that’d be Blue dog
testing the airways
from the main floor
to see if I was up

I awoke with a smile
and tonight shall fall asleep
with one too
a quiet curving of lips
speaking of joy
and contentment

February 24, 2013

I’ve been building a mountain
in shades of gray
with a dab of brown too
numerous pieces of paper
held together with glue
these are the scraps
in pieces and bits
they aren’t recycled yet
I may still need them
mountain building takes time
and more patience
than I knew I had
I can see the finished artwork clearly
in my mind
until then
it’s considered
a work in progress
sorta like the woman
using scissors, paper and glue
to build the mountain

July 2, 2012


Ever since conquering the multitude of dirty dishes, silverware, cups, pots, pans and recyclables on Saturday, I’ve managed to keep the sink empty and the dishwashing machine full and at the ready.
However, throughout the day yesterday, whenever I’d see something in the sink, placed there by someone other than me, I had to resist the urge to shriek like a banshee while simultaneously tamping down the desire to throw said item against the wall.
But I didn’t do either.
Instead I picked it up carefully and either loaded it in the dishwasher, washed it by hand or rinsed and recycled the damn thing.
Trying to stay on top of it.
Trying not to lose my mind, or temper.
So far so good.
(I think…)

playin’ with fire

I’m playin’ with fire

dancin’ ever closer

stayin’ just out of reach

I’m playin’ with fire

turning back the clock

in my mind and heart

and remembering

I’m playin’ with fire

dredging up memories

best left buried deep

I’m playin’ with fire

hopin’ not to get burned

or burn another

I’m playin’ with fire

red, orange, yellow

bright blue glow

of the flame

as I stare


by what I see

I’m playin’ with fire

the danger attracts

I admit it

my rebellious side

isn’t quashed


I’m playin’ with fire

drawn like a moth

to a flame

with memories

of you


Got too close

for just a moment

while I was

playin’ with fire

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles