I awoke

I awoke with a smile
I nearly always do
sleep refreshes
body, mind and soul

I awoke with a smile
and lollygagged in bed
purring cat sat atop me
‘til sunlight was shining in

I awoke with a smile
even as I heard
a muffled woof
that’d be Blue dog
testing the airways
from the main floor
to see if I was up

I awoke with a smile
and tonight shall fall asleep
with one too
a quiet curving of lips
speaking of joy
and contentment

February 24, 2013

Stress?! What stress?!

I’m wound so tight right now, I’m surprised my straighter than straight hair hasn’t started springing and sproinging away from my head in haphazard coils. If only it would… ‘Cause that’d make my body so much easier to live in. ~ Janean

June 28, 2012