Stress?! What stress?!

I’m wound so tight right now, I’m surprised my straighter than straight hair hasn’t started springing and sproinging away from my head in haphazard coils. If only it would… ‘Cause that’d make my body so much easier to live in. ~ Janean

June 28, 2012

Outside again. Fourth time since 4:30am. Love the sunshine on my face and birdsong. Crazy woofing dog didn’t need to go, he found a stick and plopped in the shade to chew. “Stress?! What stress?!”, says Blue as he grins at me with his tongue lollying out one side of his mouth, looking crooked and quite hilarious. Sometimes I give in, and lie in the shade next to him in the grass and look up at the sky through a canopy of leaves. A Dog’s Eye View. He’s a smart pup, my Blue.