vivid crazy daisy blooms
and a shamrock plant for luck
are the flora and fauna
keeping me company
in the kitchen
plants hold down the counter top
I hold down the sink edge
elbows propped up
leaning, typing, thinking
as I pause just a moment
to daydream and woolgather
before moving the dirty dishes
along to the dishwasher
as happy voices drift up
my boys are playing in the basement
after visiting the kitchen for food
(thus, the dishes)
Blue dog is alternately napping
and wild front window woofing
‘cause the new neighbor
is having a moving party
the street is lined
with pick up trucks
my brother and his son
are coming over later
in this very moment
life is good
thankful and blessed
smiling a l’il brighter
thanks to a bouquet of
vivid crazy daisies
and a shamrock plant for luck
that I’ve kept alive
for nearly a whole year
I’m still here too
not sure what to do next
never had coffee today
wishing for a nap

January 4, 2014


a pasta smile

Cooking TIE fighter pasta for supper tonight. That’d be “farfalle” or “bow ties” for the rest of you. My husband came up with the Star Wars name to convince our sons to try eating pasta in a new shape. The name stuck. Tonight when I said I was cooking “tubes” or “TIE fighters” my oldest boy requested the latter. I’m cooking it using the super fancy, really nice, saucepan with a strainer insert that my husband and the boys gave me one Christmas. (This was a week or so after I tried to drain the pasta fast, using just the saucepan lid to drain the water, and instead poured our supper into the sink with the garbage disposal.) Oops. May the force be with you.

October 2, 2013

I’ve already declared my sister magic. Turns out my father is too. Perhaps that shamrock plant I bought, really did bring me some Irish luck, or perhaps it was just Papa, who promised five bucks, but look at this magnificent sight – not photoshopped and no dirty dishes/pots/pans stacked on the stove – two empty sinks and it was my oldest son who did them!!!! Best St. Patrick’s Day EVER!!!! That is all.

March 17, 2013

Today was for standin’ in the kitchen, cryin’ at a Country song, while makin’ lasagna – one for my family and one for a friend’s. It snuck up on me. That song about fathers and daughters. Caught me unaware and ill prepared as it took me back through all those early years. I didn’t know those tears were waitin’, hoverin’ beneath the surface. Some days are just like that. One lasagna delivered with garlic bread and salad for the sides. One lasagna is in the oven. Ours. And those damn dishes are waitin’ in the sink. The day is still young. I’ll do ‘em…soon. ~ Janean

October 3, 2012


Ever since conquering the multitude of dirty dishes, silverware, cups, pots, pans and recyclables on Saturday, I’ve managed to keep the sink empty and the dishwashing machine full and at the ready.
However, throughout the day yesterday, whenever I’d see something in the sink, placed there by someone other than me, I had to resist the urge to shriek like a banshee while simultaneously tamping down the desire to throw said item against the wall.
But I didn’t do either.
Instead I picked it up carefully and either loaded it in the dishwasher, washed it by hand or rinsed and recycled the damn thing.
Trying to stay on top of it.
Trying not to lose my mind, or temper.
So far so good.
(I think…)

Yesterday I wrote on my electronic reminder list, “Do the damn dishes. Every last one.”
I didn’t take a BEFORE picture.
Too embarrassing.
But here is my PROVING IT photograph.
The picture I took before clicking, “Done”, moving my e-reminder from unfinished business to COMPLETED.
Until breakfast tomorrow.
Or drinks in the night.
I’m out numbered you know.
Just savoring this moment.
While it lasts.
The dishwasher is running.
Thankful for that too.
My husband even said, “The sink looks nice.”
Damn straight it does.
It’s empty.
Hallelujah the dishes are DONE.
(For now.)