side by side

While walking my dog, Blue this morning
I nearly laughed aloud
We walk past this one house
The one with an in-ground pool, slide and gorgeous landscaping
They have a fence, but it’s not that tall (sort of like me)
I spy a mallard pair
Him and Her
Just standing there
The cover is off the pool for the first time this Spring
As the dog and I walk on past, there they go
Jumping in
I smile as they swim side by side
Gliding along the backyard water
That they were lucky enough to find
A lovely l’il morning swim
For them

May 26, 2013

Today was for standin’ in the kitchen, cryin’ at a Country song, while makin’ lasagna – one for my family and one for a friend’s. It snuck up on me. That song about fathers and daughters. Caught me unaware and ill prepared as it took me back through all those early years. I didn’t know those tears were waitin’, hoverin’ beneath the surface. Some days are just like that. One lasagna delivered with garlic bread and salad for the sides. One lasagna is in the oven. Ours. And those damn dishes are waitin’ in the sink. The day is still young. I’ll do ‘em…soon. ~ Janean

October 3, 2012