barefoot in boots
this morning
grabbed ‘em fast
cowgirl kind
my pair for courage
I’ve worn ‘em
for the past two years
dog’s been gnawing
on my snow boots
snow is melting
rain is falling today
leather cowgirl boots
were fine for driving
both my boys to school
my newest pair o’boots
are sporting zebra stripes
they are made of plastic
perfect for puddles
and walking in the rain
it’ll be rain boots
for the rest of today

December 20, 2013

I’m wearin’ green today, includin’ a tiny shamrock pin that cost just 99-cents (many years ago). My St. Patrick’s Day ensemble includes a pair o’hand knit socks in kelly green (hidin’ inside my cowgirl boots), a top o’teal (a shade o’green), and a pair o’natural emerald earrings. Culver’s did the cookin’. I had a reuben for lunch.

March 17, 2013

today is for tie dye
to combat the overcast sky outside
I’m resurrecting Tie Dye Friday
just for today
‘cause a few years ago it made me grin
and got me through a rough spot
good old tie dye
in every color of the rainbow
turquoise and purple too
my favorite
and second favorite hue
now I’m wishin’ a Happy Tie Dye Friday to you!
~ Janean

October 6, 2012

Today was for standin’ in the kitchen, cryin’ at a Country song, while makin’ lasagna – one for my family and one for a friend’s. It snuck up on me. That song about fathers and daughters. Caught me unaware and ill prepared as it took me back through all those early years. I didn’t know those tears were waitin’, hoverin’ beneath the surface. Some days are just like that. One lasagna delivered with garlic bread and salad for the sides. One lasagna is in the oven. Ours. And those damn dishes are waitin’ in the sink. The day is still young. I’ll do ‘em…soon. ~ Janean

October 3, 2012

zig zag

looking back
because that’s what we do
there are times
we could have zagged
instead of zigged
visa versa too
we can’t go back
there are no do overs
I’m just glad
I’ve spent these years
with you

looking forward
we have more questions
than answers
and when we get them
we may wish
we didn’t know
so let’s zig more
and zag less
and remember
to laugh and love and live
for as long as we have left
could be you’re stuck with me
for many years yet
so I can baffle and perplex you
with more poems
about zigging and zagging

June 18, 2012