I’ve already declared my sister magic. Turns out my father is too. Perhaps that shamrock plant I bought, really did bring me some Irish luck, or perhaps it was just Papa, who promised five bucks, but look at this magnificent sight – not photoshopped and no dirty dishes/pots/pans stacked on the stove – two empty sinks and it was my oldest son who did them!!!! Best St. Patrick’s Day EVER!!!! That is all.

March 17, 2013


I’m wearin’ green today, includin’ a tiny shamrock pin that cost just 99-cents (many years ago). My St. Patrick’s Day ensemble includes a pair o’hand knit socks in kelly green (hidin’ inside my cowgirl boots), a top o’teal (a shade o’green), and a pair o’natural emerald earrings. Culver’s did the cookin’. I had a reuben for lunch.

March 17, 2013


one 14K gold ring with a natural pear shaped emerald and the tiniest chip of diamond
AND one pair of not too big, round natural emerald post earrings, set in 14K gold
If found somewhere in my house reward is a great big grin, super tight hug and kiss.
I didn’t know they were missing until St. Patrick’s Day rolled around.
My emeralds, from over twenty years ago, are part of my wearing o’the green tradition.
Wherever they are it is quite likely a ninety-nine cent shamrock pin is with them.
I specified natural emeralds because it matters.
The natural stones are flawed you see, with cracks and clouds and imperfections.
Simulated stones are more vivid in hue and clear as can be.
Laboratory perfection.
Which isn’t for me.
I don’t mean to sound like a queen, as I declare, “My emeralds are missing!”
Alas, they are though.
Later I shall be rummaging and turning my bedroom drawers upside down looking for them.
It’s a wearing o’the green tradition after all.