a winter’s night

darkness arrives early
and settles all around
the stars are out tonight
I smile up at them
they twinkle back at me
there is Orion
the mighty hunter
with three diagonal stars
the moon is missing
out of view
‘twas less than half size
last time I spied her
in the light of morning
a few days past
when the moon lingered
visible a little longer
shining at the same time
as the sun
in a sky of pale blue

January 6, 2013


heart puzzle

my sister texted me this morning
a note about her oldest son being back home in Arizona, from his two month visit home to Illinois, where he stayed and played with his grandma and papa, aunts, uncles and cousins too, over summer break

she wrote, “Kids were elated to have him home. It felt great to all be under one roof again.”

I replied:
All is well
As it should be
The missing piece of your heart puzzle back in place
I’m so glad
For all of you
Hugs and love

she replied, “That is exactly the way I felt to… Kinda off all summer and just felt complete. It was so fun watching all three kids walk inside the house together with smiles.”

then she added, “I love u so much Janean.”
making my heart squeeze and my throat close and my eyes water because Arizona feels really far away today.

August 3, 2012

must be Monday

I kissed my husband, as I headed out the door with the barking to go out dog…again.
And said, “Have a good day” and added, “I promise not to be a b*tch.”
As if it being 4-H crunch time weren’t enough of a reason for that promise, there are more…
The Cat, needs to see the vet unexpectedly for an open wound we saw for the first time at bedtime last night. Poor Miss Snuggles. Hoping it’s not too serious (or expensive).
That Dog, is into EVERYTHING this morning:
First, Blue ate most of a toy air rocket made of nerf-like material.
Then he smashed my daylilies to smithereens because he thinks they feel good to lie on while rocket chewing.
Next thing I knew, Blue pulled the downspout extender out from under the deck stairs and drug it into the yard in order to recover one of his tennis balls that have been missing for awhile.
Topped off by Blue ducking underneath the grill cover, that is drying out across the top of two patio chairs, because he thinks it makes a cool Dog Fort. I only wish he was grinning with his tongue lolling out in the photo I managed to snap before shooing him out from under there.
Somewhere in the midst of all that, which took place over two hours time, I made coffee, ate breakfast, sent a few emails and unloaded the dishwasher.
Oh, and did I mention the family gathering at our house this evening at 6:30?!
It’ll be a nice time.
I’m sure of it.
Thanks for listening.
Sometimes just being able to vent a bit, can take the edge off my surly self.
Hugs help too.
So do hot showers and naps.
Blue is napping now.
Can I join him?
Not yet.

July 16, 2012

lost and found

I found my smile tonight
quite by accident
I hadn’t realized
it was missing
until my lips quirked
in a familiar arc
at the halfway mark
walkin’ Blue
somewhere in the park
spilling over with children
and grown up conversation
with a cone headed dog
at the end of a royal blue tether
I found myself grinnin’
and my steps felt a little lighter
oh, how we needed that evening walk
with fragrance from fading lilacs
scenting the gentle breeze
purposeful motion
a return to routine
up and at ‘em
it’s no wonder then
that I found my smile tonight
on the inside too


one 14K gold ring with a natural pear shaped emerald and the tiniest chip of diamond
AND one pair of not too big, round natural emerald post earrings, set in 14K gold
If found somewhere in my house reward is a great big grin, super tight hug and kiss.
I didn’t know they were missing until St. Patrick’s Day rolled around.
My emeralds, from over twenty years ago, are part of my wearing o’the green tradition.
Wherever they are it is quite likely a ninety-nine cent shamrock pin is with them.
I specified natural emeralds because it matters.
The natural stones are flawed you see, with cracks and clouds and imperfections.
Simulated stones are more vivid in hue and clear as can be.
Laboratory perfection.
Which isn’t for me.
I don’t mean to sound like a queen, as I declare, “My emeralds are missing!”
Alas, they are though.
Later I shall be rummaging and turning my bedroom drawers upside down looking for them.
It’s a wearing o’the green tradition after all.