a winter’s night

darkness arrives early
and settles all around
the stars are out tonight
I smile up at them
they twinkle back at me
there is Orion
the mighty hunter
with three diagonal stars
the moon is missing
out of view
‘twas less than half size
last time I spied her
in the light of morning
a few days past
when the moon lingered
visible a little longer
shining at the same time
as the sun
in a sky of pale blue

January 6, 2013

mornin’ musings

circlin’ ‘round the block with Blue
in the brisk cold of December
the ground looks covered in stardust
just the grass glitterin’ from frost
not dust from the stars twinklin’ above
in a sky of the darkest black
there are extra lights a shinin’
in a myriad of colors and shapes
‘tis the season for Christmas lights
amidst the sparkling earth and heaven bright
in the stillness of early mornin’
tears threaten but do not fall
as I take in all the sights
the only sounds are boot falls on concrete
and the jinglin’ of my dog’s tags
as I circle the block with Blue
in the early morning hours
while the rest of the family is sleeping
on this December morn

December 11, 2012