Dear La Lune,

There you are.
It’s been awhile.
You’ve been obscured
by cloud cover.
Caught a glimpse
a few nights ago.
Crescent shaped then.
Saw a half moon by day.
Leading up to tonight.
When you are full
and beaming bright.
It’s been awhile
since you made me smile.
Shining with your celestial light.

I fell asleep penning this poem to you.
Stretched out on the living room couch.
Moonlight shining in the window.
Eyes shut tight until 2am,
when I moved myself to bed.

You greeted me as a new day dawned.
The dog and I begin our walk.
You met us in the morning sky.
Honey hue of nighttime gone.
Darkness faded yet you remain.
Glowing white come daylight.
Until you disappear from sight.
I’ll look for you again this night
and admire your changing shape.
Waning now.


August 13, 2014


The peace rose planted by my front door has one bloom and sixteen buds. SIXTEEN! I can’t quite believe it! I chose this rose bush the first spring we lived here, way back in 2002, because the house I grew up in had a peace rose planted there. At my childhood home there were roses in an array of colors planted to the left of the front walk: red, coral, white, yellow, even a blue rose (really lavender), and peace. It was this peace rose, and its amazing beauty that comes in varying shades of yellow with white edges and a hint of pink blush, that was the only rose my dad commented on every time it bloomed.

“To shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”
—Luke 1:79

Before walking Blue this morning, I read this passage of scripture along with a devotion dated July 7. I loved the whole message, but my favorite part was the reference to a “path of peace.” Upon our return home, the dog and me, I photographed the peace rose bush planted to the left of the front walk at the house where I’m the mom. Then I stepped upon the butterfly adorned welcome mat that my sister insisted upon and walked through the front door into home. I’m always thankful for found moments of quiet, calm and peace, since with two growing up fast boys there are many times that noise, chaos and commotion reign. I love those zany times too. I do!

July 9, 2013

a winter’s night

darkness arrives early
and settles all around
the stars are out tonight
I smile up at them
they twinkle back at me
there is Orion
the mighty hunter
with three diagonal stars
the moon is missing
out of view
‘twas less than half size
last time I spied her
in the light of morning
a few days past
when the moon lingered
visible a little longer
shining at the same time
as the sun
in a sky of pale blue

January 6, 2013


today I found myself wondering
what was Poe like as a child
was he all moody, broody darkness
from an early age
or did he have an impish grin
and a way of laughing at his own joke
before saying the punch line aloud
what did his mother think
did she worry
did she fret
or did she love him a little more
and stand between him and the world
lookin’ for a fight
if anyone dared hurt her little boy
for it’s all right to be different
to not follow the crowd
but it’s not all right to tease and belittle
those who see the world through poet’s eyes
today I found myself wondering
about Edgar Allen Poe’s mother