sent my boys to bed hours ago
stayed up for quiet time
love seat dozed
lulled by ticking clock
soothed by wind chimes
chiming from back deck
woke up enough
to decide to go to bed
took Blue out fast
wore my fuzzy slippers
the night sky is clear
the moon and stars are bright
saw Orion
hustled back inside
the wind is blowing
like it’s going to storm
I haven’t checked radar
just an intuition forecast
that, and I saw a sundog in the sky today
driving my oldest boy home from school
a rainbow in a cloud
I love those
I never think they are saying, “rain is coming”
I think they are a gift from God saying, “My promises are real. My covenants, like the rainbow I gave Noah, to say I’ll never destroy the Earth by water, ever again. Trust Me. I got this.”
fanciful perhaps
but it works for me
even if rain follows too
I love rain
it soothes me
as does being cozy, warm inside my home, listening to the blowing, gust of the wind, not worrying over rain, sleet or snow one bit, because there is a new roof now, in gorgeous burnt sienna shingles
no matter what
happy thoughts
as I finally tuck into bed
a l’il after 1:00am

November 14, 2013


a winter’s night

darkness arrives early
and settles all around
the stars are out tonight
I smile up at them
they twinkle back at me
there is Orion
the mighty hunter
with three diagonal stars
the moon is missing
out of view
‘twas less than half size
last time I spied her
in the light of morning
a few days past
when the moon lingered
visible a little longer
shining at the same time
as the sun
in a sky of pale blue

January 6, 2013

by moonlight tonight

just in from last walk of day with Blue
he saw his best girl, Luna
her silver fur gleaming
under a starlit sky
Orion was shining low near the horizon
they woofed, pranced and nuzzled noses through the chain link fence
a divider
keeping them apart
I told him it was time to go
but had a helluva time dragging him away
she’s his best girl
and even prettier by the moonlight she is named for
they’ll both dream sweet dreams tonight
it’s more than puppy love
‘cause I’m a hopeless romantic
and I just know
they are meant to be
for it’s written in the stars
though sometimes star tales get crisscrossed
these two are meant to be
Blue + Luna

December 11, 2012

the one I know

This morning, as Blue and I stepped onto the backyard deck, into the brisk 4:30am air, my breath caught at the brightness of the morning stars against the dark of night. An oft repeated Van Gogh quote came to mind, “…the sight of stars makes me dream.” Yes. Me too. Then, my still sleepy eyes looked up, opened a little wider, and I said aloud, “Orion’s back.” The Hunter. The one constellation I know. It’s those three diagonal stars that glisten from his belt. I’d know them anywhere. Even shining low in the eastern sky, surprising me on an early August morning. ~ Janean

August 28, 2012

twinkle twinkle

the stars are out tonight
I thought you’d want to know
Orion is still standing sentry
the mighty hunter
in the night sky
he’s fading though
as the earth orbits the sun
the starscape changes
with the seasons
but that’s the constellation I know
the one I’m sure of
without guessing
will keep an eye out
maybe two
as he disappears
with the coming of Spring
until late Fall
when he arrives
to hunt once more
the three stars in his belt
twinkling on diagonal
yes, he’s the one I know