golden hour

Magnetic poetry tiles placed on a stainless steel refrigerator read, “let’s / chase sunsets / and heart dance / I dream of you / night magic”

chase sunsets
and heart dance 
I dream of you
night magic 

December 27, 2022

Magnetic poetry tiles placed beside a magnetic dress-up Frida Kahlo on a stainless steel refrigerator.
Word bank from Atticus Poetry Edition magnetic poetry with over 97 words. Words are loosely organized into noun, verb, and adjective columns, plus connecting words on the side of my stainless steel refrigerator.

swoony moony ooey gooey love stuff

the moon is full tonight
feels right
planned special
for the hopeless romantics
who swoon
and go all dreamy
in the glow of moonbeams
shining a little brighter
for a little longer
on Valentine’s night
add some snowy sparkle
and twinkling stars
for outdoor ambiance
then fall
into each other’s arms
or in love
for forever
under the irresistible tug
of the full moon
call it fate, serendipity
or meant to be
just love
while you can
time is short
a blink

February 14, 2014

I’m standing with one foot on the ledge between the kitchen sinks, and one foot on the adjacent kitchen counter, twisting a hook into the window moulding to hang a birthday treasure. My youngest boy just says, “Hi, Mom” as he ducks into the half bath off the kitchen. Blasé. No big deal. Curiosity not piqued at all. Even though, for the record, I am not often found counter climbing. In other news, both of my feet are back on ground now, even if my heart is soaring a bit, as I daydream and smile at the blue crescent moon made of glass now dangling over my head. On sunny days the faceted clear crystals will add colorful rainbows to my kitchen walls. I can hardly wait! Until then, I’ll smile at la lune and dream about the kind of moments that happen just once in a blue moon. Smiling crooked crescents are my favorite moon phase, other than half, three quarter and ginormous full. I sort of love them all!

December 8, 2013

the one I know

This morning, as Blue and I stepped onto the backyard deck, into the brisk 4:30am air, my breath caught at the brightness of the morning stars against the dark of night. An oft repeated Van Gogh quote came to mind, “…the sight of stars makes me dream.” Yes. Me too. Then, my still sleepy eyes looked up, opened a little wider, and I said aloud, “Orion’s back.” The Hunter. The one constellation I know. It’s those three diagonal stars that glisten from his belt. I’d know them anywhere. Even shining low in the eastern sky, surprising me on an early August morning. ~ Janean

August 28, 2012

there is a crow
I just now spied
heckling the dog and I
with cawing
that never ends
I much prefer
early morning silence
other than the jingling
from my pup’s collar
caw caw caw
on a repetitive loop
I didn’t
get out of bed
for this
awoke me
from a bizarre dream
in full color
a jumble of images
and me
in a place
I didn’t want to be
awake is better
even if it’s early
even if the crow
needs to stop
and fly away now
my eyes gritty
from tears cried
some actual birdsong
bye bye Mr. Crow
I didn’t even
resort to violence
though I considered
my options
he must have realized
not to mess with me
as I have no patience
for cawing
that never ends

May 28, 2012
written somewhere in the 5 o’clock a.m. hour
damn crow

Just Say It

I’ve always been a chatterbox. Since I was a child. At least when I write my mouth isn’t moving. Though I can still simultaneously “step in it”, and put my foot in my mouth, which tastes like sh*t. I am not feeling very bloggerific today, I am a grouchy, surly mess. 

I love to write. I love it. It sets me free. It feels so good To Just Say It. 

A book IS a dream of mine. More than one, as any author/Writer worth his/her salt would dream for. We shall see. Believe me I’ll shout about it from all over when that day comes. My mother, sister and aunt, are three of my champions, who encourage me to Keep Going and not stop. That I’m on to something. 

I am not writing today though. Today I am making art. 

~ Janean

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles