Keep Moving Forward

A Message To Myself…
Keep Moving Forward
Taking the Next Step
Then the Next
Dream It
Think It
Pray About It
Whisper to Yourself
Write It Down
Practice Saying It Aloud
Say It Again
Then Say It Louder
Say It Bolder
Say It Braver
Say It More Often
Say It With Enthusiasm
Listen to the Response
Hear What's Not Said Too
Go For It
Nothing to Lose
Everything to Gain
Find the Lost Pieces
Put them Together Again
Moving Toward The Great Unknown
Feet on a New Path
Friends and Family Walk Alongside
(with some Pushing from Behind)
Still YOU
Trying Something New
Now, to Keep Moving Forward…

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles

I wrote this poem longhand in my sketchbook yesterday. Putting Pen to paper is still my favorite way to write. It was written while Gallery Watching, which is Code for, "Wonderful Quiet Time To Read, Think, Draw and Dream" and if you're lucky a Good Friend will join you and a Woman You Want To Get To Know Better will surprise you when she stays to visit for awhile instead of Just Passing Through.

Yesterday was Write A New Poem Day. Well, for three people I know anyway. There is mine, "Keep Moving Forward" and "Cat in the Sunshine" by A.T.B. That's two. The third was written by my friend, Kevin Stock, who wrote, "Dandelion Seed". It's posted at Taking Stock (The Things That Matter Most) and will make your heart ache. Like all good poems, and poets do.


2 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. Our horizons are widening…WONDERFUL! Added some tags on my new poem, but when I click on them it just takes me to my poem. I think it's supposed to pull up all poems with like tags. SO, I believe we will need an experiment to see if it works. Tag this poem with the tag "poetry" as I have tagged my poem today with the same. It should pull up both poems…let me know! Congrats! :up:

  2. Will give it a go. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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