Feed Your Soul

What is "It"?
What could "It" be?
That Fills You Up
To the very Tip Top
And Makes You Whole?
On the Inside,
Where no one can see.
Find It.
Pursue It.
Do It Everyday.
The World May Wonder.
And Whisper.
Let Them.
Walk Your Own Way.
Be Brave.
Be True to You.
In the Whir Of Living
Feed Your Soul.
It's Hungry.
Wanting More.

As I being to Feed My Soul my physical hunger has abated. No time for Food. There are Stories & Poems to Write and Art To Be Made. Ideas are bubbling, brimming and overflowing. The time is now. What a Revelation!

Sunrise fills me up and inspires me. I love greeting each New Day That Dawns. I took this photograph in either late October or early November of 2010. Not sure of the exact date. It was so powerful and amazing that I left my Usual Spot on the deck and went back inside and upstairs to my son's second story bedroom. I opened the blinds, and even took the screen out of the window, so I could photograph more of the sky glowing in shades of gold, red and orange above the backyard rooftops. Magnificent. Soul Food.

© 2011 Janean Baird, Turquoise Tangles


9 thoughts on “Feed Your Soul

  1. Spring awakening maybe!! :yes:

  2. Yes. The word, "Awakening" has been buzzing in my brain as well. Plus, that sounds better than, "The Winter Thaw". My daffodils are blooming along the side of the house. A whole glorious row of dazzling yellow blooms atop green stems. *happy sigh*

  3. You've been shoving Winter outta the way for weeks now…guess he got tired, gave up…you win!!! Our poems using "IT" are polar opposites aren't they? It's what makes the world go round!

  4. That's right, The Promise of Spring. Savoring Spring here as the blooms that were promised become reality. I didn't think of that when I wrote "It" with a capital I. I just knew it was art (which I knew) and writing (which was a surprise) for me. But that for someone else "It" could be something else entirely.

  5. really speaking " NATURE IS GURU" there is saying in india "RAVI KANADHANU KAVI KANDAA"Means unseen by sun is seen by a artist/poet As sun is on greater height than everything ,,so can see all but impossible by him to see is seen by a artist through his imagination ..

  6. Thank U . Iam allways here to hear your emotions of mind and soul..

  7. Shekar, THANK YOU for sharing that saying from India with me. It speaks to me in so many ways and makes clearer why I'm so drawn to sunrise, sunset, the Phases of the Moon and The Stars Above. I am going to put these Wise Words somewhere I can see them, to reread everyday, as I soak in the Sunrise from Central Illinois.

  8. Beautiful picture!

  9. Thank you, JD. I took several that morning from my son's second floor window. They are each just a little bit different but the same vivid hues are in them all.

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