money well spent

Valentine’s Day was a week ago. Today I bought myself a present. Gorgeous clearance roses for $5 and a $10 book.

February 21, 2014

in the hospital cafeteria
at a table for two
with a chair just for one
got a vegetarian rice tomato balsamic thing
dug my book outta my bag
the romance one
set in Ireland
written about dreamers
for dreamers
quite a lovely lunch

January 22, 2013

We had some more rain this evening followed by the biggest, brightest, most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen stretch across several houses that face my own backyard. I looked for a rainbow such as this all last summer. A sign from God that He keeps His promises. The significance of seeing a rainbow today, tonight, after a brief rainstorm, is that the printed copies of my oldest son’s book arrived today. The one he wrote for 4-H. The one that honors his father and the fight he’s been fighting for over a year now. The title is, “On May 25”. It’s a beaut of a little book that also honors the Lord as my twelve year old shares his heart, faith, belief in the power of prayer and the comfort that comes from the prayers of many for our family during this difficult time. My heart was already dancing, soaring and flying. This rainbow, a double rainbow, was an unexpected gift. SO BIG! SO BEAUTIFUL! Praying this new type of chemotherapy works. Praying for complete healing from stage four cancer. Praying to weather this storm with my family of four intact for many years to come. Thank you, God, for the reminder that You are there. Always. From the dark of night to the glow of sunrise, until the sun sets once more, and sometimes, the most special of times, You are in the translucent glow of a rainbow in a perfectly formed half circle.
~ Janean

July 26, 2012

The 4-H Report

Entomology is all the way done. He did the activity in his project book yesterday and the insects are arranged in the cases.

We made the stingray pattern for non-clothing fleece yesterday – it’s a visual art class, not a sewing one. I’m making the first stingray to test the pattern and see how the (forgive me) damn thing goes together.

His Write A Book is special AND it’s a surprise. Getting closer…

Fudge we won’t make until the day before judging.

That’s four…
(or somewhere around the 20,000,000 mark)

Electricity is “in the works”. I have a shopping list from my father for my oldest son’s electricity project. My son and I will be sure to go together to buy those items before his Papa is back in town to build it.

A new international project one of his aunts is helping with. They brainstormed at the last fair to do the Philippines together this year. That’s where she’s from. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Photography isn’t “hard”. I got the project book out yesterday to look over…just gotta do it!

Balsa airplanes is a bear. They are working on it…my amazingly patient husband and equally diligent sons. Both my boys are taking this one which means there is not just one, but two delicate balsa wood airplanes under construction in our basement. Did I mention projects are due the night before the fair on July 31?!

Rockets may be the one that’s dropped this year. We shall see. Eleven just feels like (at least) one too many.

Plastic models is close to being done…this one they started early, father and son, surely they will finish it soon. Maybe while the glue is drying on that mega balsa plane…

LEGOs is built. He just has a 3” x 5” card to do.

Gettin’ there…that’s all eleven, or 50,000,000 if you ask me. It’s 4-H countdown time. It’s 4-H project crunch time. Fourth year with my oldest and the first for my youngest (who wisely chose five projects which are practically all complete). This too shall pass.

~ Janean
(I was a ten year 4-H’er from age eight to seventeen, so it sort of runs in the family.)

Dear Olive,
I am so sorry I let you down.
It’s that dog, you see.
We’d just come in from a walk.
I’d refilled my coffee cup and was attempting to eat my breakfast.
Standing in the kitchen of course.
Per usual.
When I realized he was no longer in sight.
And I couldn’t hear him chomping on ice cubes.
That’s trouble.
Next thing he comes ‘round the bend from the dining room.
His favorite naughty noodle place.
Well, one of them.
And there you go.
A little gnawed at one corner.
Your cover nearly ripped asunder.
My sincerest apologies.
You deserve so much better.
Like a spot on a higher shelf.
Higher than The Dog Zone.
I will see to it.
Right after I gently and gingerly see to your wounds.
I’ll be as unobtrusive as possible.
Clear tape it is.
You are a fine piece of literature.
Pulitzer Prize Winner, and all.
Doggone that dog.
He knows he’s in the dog house.
a.k.a. on leash inside and tethered to mommy stuck in the kitchen.
That’ll show him.
Please forgive me, Olive.
I remember you.
You’re a complex woman with a hard shell and a big heart.
I found you a fascinating character study.
(Hoping flattery might get me somewhere…)