in my backyard

sitting in the sunshine
a ladybug lands
upon my shoulder
hello little ladybug
I’m wearing green
Do I look like a tree?
my hair blows
in the cool breeze
mere moments pass
the ladybug flies away
a crow calls
from above the rooftops
doggone dog barks
a squirrel has been spotted
beyond the reach of his leash
time to drag the dog inside
don’t want to be bother
babies are napping
a woman is reading
two actually
myself and another
goodbye sunshine
goodbye ladybug
good riddance crow
hello library book
I’m going to read you
just a little bit longer
in my cozy love seat spot
missing celestial warmth

October 8, 2014


book love


I bought a book from an old friend yesterday. 
As I was leaving, she told me to destroy it.
She told me to dog-ear it, to demolish it,
to underline and write notes and just love it.
“This is how a book knows that you love it”, 
she told me, handing over my change.
Today, I will love my book properly. 

I like to write in books, leaving tracks of my thoughts written in the margins and the white spaces at the beginning and end of chapters. I dog-ear too. I do. However, the exception to this rule is library books. Always. Those are treated with the utmost care, for they do not belong to me. They are just in my possession temporarily. ~ Janean