an early morning fog hovers
thickest by rooftops
chased away by streetlights
and yet stars twinkle through
Light shines from Heaven above
saying, “I Am here”
even in the dark, quiet, stillness
of an early morning walk
with that dog I love so BIG
God loves me more

November 21, 2012

letter of reflection

Dear Sad Girl,
Your eyes have lost their sparkle.
Must be those dark circles, detracting and subtracting the twinkle from your eyes, the windows to your creative soul.
Your face is set and sullen.
That grin that once was impish, now set in a line or hangin’ inside down.
Holy hell what a mess.
I know it’s hard now, in this moment, but we’ll get you through this.
Someday soon Faith, Hope and Love will heal the wounds within.
Keep on going.
Day by day abiding.
The loving arms of friends and family will catch you when you fall.
So try to find your smile.
Savor Joy in the quiet colors of the dawn.
Pep talks are FREE and plentiful.
Hugs are often the best medicine.
Love is the easy part.
Start by being gentle with yourself.

November 17, 2012

twinkle twinkle

the stars are out tonight
I thought you’d want to know
Orion is still standing sentry
the mighty hunter
in the night sky
he’s fading though
as the earth orbits the sun
the starscape changes
with the seasons
but that’s the constellation I know
the one I’m sure of
without guessing
will keep an eye out
maybe two
as he disappears
with the coming of Spring
until late Fall
when he arrives
to hunt once more
the three stars in his belt
twinkling on diagonal
yes, he’s the one I know