an early morning fog hovers
thickest by rooftops
chased away by streetlights
and yet stars twinkle through
Light shines from Heaven above
saying, “I Am here”
even in the dark, quiet, stillness
of an early morning walk
with that dog I love so BIG
God loves me more

November 21, 2012

I want this…


 ”I’m creating. Even with one thing after another coming at me. Yesterday was a doozy but I didn’t let it stop me. I kept creating.” ~Janean Baird

Imagine my surprise to find myself quoted by a friend. It’s happened a few times now, each time it makes me grin and feel a little more like a “real” writer. I’m not sure when I’ll lose the quote marks. For I’m still getting used to saying aloud, “I am an artist and a writer.” I am, you know. Both. ~ Janean

August 28, 2012