Dear La Lune,

There you are.
It’s been awhile.
You’ve been obscured
by cloud cover.
Caught a glimpse
a few nights ago.
Crescent shaped then.
Saw a half moon by day.
Leading up to tonight.
When you are full
and beaming bright.
It’s been awhile
since you made me smile.
Shining with your celestial light.

I fell asleep penning this poem to you.
Stretched out on the living room couch.
Moonlight shining in the window.
Eyes shut tight until 2am,
when I moved myself to bed.

You greeted me as a new day dawned.
The dog and I begin our walk.
You met us in the morning sky.
Honey hue of nighttime gone.
Darkness faded yet you remain.
Glowing white come daylight.
Until you disappear from sight.
I’ll look for you again this night
and admire your changing shape.
Waning now.


August 13, 2014


3 thoughts on “supermoon

  1. “Fair moon, to thee I sing,
    Bright regent of the heavens,
    Say, why is everything
    Either at sixes or at sevens?
    Say, why is everything
    Either at sixes or at sevens?”

    “Pinafore”, I think.
    No supermoon here … we’ve had superclouds, night after night.
    Loverly photo, Janean … and the poem is nice, too.

    • Thanks, dW. The photo was sheer luck. My moon photos never turn out, but amazingly this one did. It was Sunday night I took this photo, the official night of the full moon. Clouds covered when I first looked for her. Then, voila! Monday night was clear and the moon was truly a super one. Ginormous and oh, so beautiful. Sorry you missed seeing the August full moon in your neck o’the woods. “Superclouds” made me smile. Good one.

      • Well, THIS moon pic sure makes it!
        Now, this next betrays the failures of WordPress: No EXIF. I don’t automatically know what camera you’re using and what the exposure data were. It’s possible to make good moon shots with less-expensive cameras; in fact, my Nikon doesn’t do nearly as well as my little Oly “compact” DSLR, which has turned out some stunning moon pics. Luck helps, too, of course, but the right sort of camera will do wonders.

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