routine maintenance


The firefighters just flushed the hydrant in front of my house
Little unexpected excitement
Blue heard Jake barking while they did the hydrant around the corner
We had to go investigate
Saw the water spraying but stopped by the fence for the dogs to say hi and didn’t go around the corner
Saw three young children and their parents splashing in the street
Smiled at their happy
Then here came the truck to park by our curb
We watched from the sidewalk across the street
‘We’ being two dogs, three adults and the three hopeful children wanting to splash some more
This hydrant not making as many puddles as before
No splashing after all
Parting ways with, “Have a good day” and “See you later”
Blue and I cross for home
Staying dry other than bare feet through the puddles in the street
My boys slept through it
Had it not been for my dog I’d have missed it too

July 5, 2014
A snapshot of a moment from before 9:30am. My oldest woke up right after the dog and I came inside. The youngest will appear with some prodding before noon. The lazy hazy days of summertime are here.


5 thoughts on “routine maintenance

  1. Nice little homey observation of an exciting event in a quiet neighbourhood.
    BTW, did you read my answer to your question on “more abundantly”?

    • Thanks for reading about the hydrant flushing in my neighborhood, dW. It is a moment I hope my neighbor children always remember, their parents smiles and laughter as they splashed barefoot beside them. A family I care for that is moving away in less than a week. I’m really going to miss them and Blue is going to miss his buddy, Jake.
      BTW, yes, I read when you wrote it and apologize for my belated reply. I remedied that delay this morning. Perhaps I should add, “before coffee.” About to remedy that now. Hope you have a wonderful day today.

      • Sorry to hear that your neighbors are moving. So sad. 😦

      • Change is part of life. This is a happy one because they are moving into their dream house. A house built just for them. It sounds beautiful and perfect for their growing family. We’ll stay in touch. Blue will miss his canine buddy, Jake. I am happy for them. Sharing their excitement. Best of all, yesterday the piano at my house that is out of tune and no one played, was the first thing loaded onto a big U Haul truck to move to their new home. There is a perfect spot waiting for it as well as little fingers eager to learn to play. Hooray! Knowing fingers tested the keys in a serenade on the short drive around the corner to begin loading the rest of The Big Stuff. Something happy. Music. See?! It’s all good. Surrounded by love.

      • You gave your piano! You are a dear. God bless you, Janean. ♡

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