window view

playing in the snow
children laughing
snowballs flying
smiles shining too
looks normal
from the outside
only the inside knows
the truth
for reality
is anything but normal
life is never boring
if it is
it’s your own damn fault
we have your drama
real life kind
eyebrow raising
jaw dropping
gray hair causing too
but from the outside
if you are looking
from your window view
the drama doesn’t show
it’s skillfully hidden
behind brave faces
and eyes filled with secrets
heart kind
that never tell

February 23, 2013

playin’ with fire

I’m playin’ with fire

dancin’ ever closer

stayin’ just out of reach

I’m playin’ with fire

turning back the clock

in my mind and heart

and remembering

I’m playin’ with fire

dredging up memories

best left buried deep

I’m playin’ with fire

hopin’ not to get burned

or burn another

I’m playin’ with fire

red, orange, yellow

bright blue glow

of the flame

as I stare


by what I see

I’m playin’ with fire

the danger attracts

I admit it

my rebellious side

isn’t quashed


I’m playin’ with fire

drawn like a moth

to a flame

with memories

of you


Got too close

for just a moment

while I was

playin’ with fire

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles