These two canoodling canines sure would make some pretty puppies. Alas, twill never be, ‘cause my boy, Blue, was already “fixed” before Miss Luna moved in to the house on the corner with the fenced yard. He’s a l’il bit older, no comment on wiser, and even without a litter o’pups shared between them, these two purebred dogs are all kinds o’crazy in love with each other. Oh, how they make me smile and laugh with all their carrying on!

March 9, 2013


not one bit lonely

I have the house to myself.
My husband is at work for a few hours more.
My boys are at the neighbors playing. My big Blue pup was dropped off earlier this morning, to be boarded for a week or so, at a friendly canine hotel.
This silence is sorta divine.
Oh. I love being home alone.
Well, just me and the cat. =^.^=
Why is it, with a million things to do, all I want to do is nap?!
~ Janean

January 19, 2013

Thursday afternoon

I have a big sweet puppy dog as a foot warmer.
We just came in from a thirty minute walk on a gray, rain spittin’ day.
There is another hour before it’s time to pick up the children from school.
I may rest my eyes for just a bit…
Or write, while the puppy is still, and my house is too…
Quiet, except for the ticking if the clock and tapping of the keys.
I am thankful for warm toes and this great big baby canine, napping at my feet.