These two canoodling canines sure would make some pretty puppies. Alas, twill never be, ‘cause my boy, Blue, was already “fixed” before Miss Luna moved in to the house on the corner with the fenced yard. He’s a l’il bit older, no comment on wiser, and even without a litter o’pups shared between them, these two purebred dogs are all kinds o’crazy in love with each other. Oh, how they make me smile and laugh with all their carrying on!

March 9, 2013

My cowgirl boots are off my feet for a week, ‘cause they’re at the shop for heel repairs. I wore ‘em down, way past the sole, so they are gonna add a wedge and fix ‘em right up. I miss them on my feet already… They are my boots for Courage.
~ Janean

January 18, 2013