a l’il quiet time

I’m sittin’ in a sunbeam
listenin’ to the clock tick tock
my children are Spring Break snoozin’
that big sweet pup went back to bed
bits o’birdsong drift in through the outside walls
breakfast, coffee, things To Do
yet I’m curled into a corner of the love seat
my favorite cozy couch spot
I’m sitting in a sunbeam
so thankful a new day has begun

March 27, 2013


my heart longs to make art
it’s the soul balm
I am needing
layered alongside that though
is family business paperwork
waiting for me To Do
trying to balance my time
weighing heart cry vs. duty

I called the 1-800 number
the one atop this bill
seemed wise to double check
‘cause I thought I’d maybe paid it
handwritten check register read:
#9988 2/27/13 $389.90
the total due matched right up
answered the automated questions
by typing on the phone
was given a second number
for “facilities business office”
a person answered right away
gave ‘em the account number
they replied with a human voice:
“Zero Balance”
“Paid In Full”

what beautiful words those are
just like Jesus on the cross
who forgives us
over and over
sinners saved by grace
a gift freely given
all we are To Do is ask

“Amazing Grace”
was played across radio waves
this very morning too
I sang along and cried
I almost always do

March 13, 2013

today’s the day

today’s the day I show my art

the pieces that have had my laser focus

for the past few days

I still can’t believe I said, “Yes” so fast

without anything ready to show

with a week’s notice

and other activities scheduled as well

amazingly it all came together

with my husband’s help

and encouragement

mostly he gave me the space

to create

and only called me stubborn once

I owned it and agreed

I kept saying, “This just feels

like too good

of an opportunity

to miss”

he understood

he did

and now



and nervous

sums up the jangle in my stomach 

details to see to 

things to do

one more piece of artwork

to finish and get framed

first thing this morning


today’s the day


© Turquoise Tangles

As I fall asleep at night

As I fall asleep at night 

I think a million thoughts

the day just done

the day to come

and all the things To Do

As I fall asleep at night

my night light 

keeps the dark at bay

my closet door is closed

to keep the monsters in

As I fall asleep at night

the ceiling fan rotates

round an round

a quiet whir that lulls

with a gentle breeze

As I fall asleep at night

the cat jumps on the bed

she settles in

with kneading loves

and purrs me to sleep

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles