I love them still

they worked for me

a boy and a girl

for just a brief time

I didn’t sign their paychecks

but I was their supervisor

pouring what I knew

into them

she was tall and slender

all legs, long hair, and sass

he was more compact

with dark looks

and shoulders

broad enough to lean on

I listened to their problems

shared some of mine

fighting for their rights

standing between them

and upper management

over a decade between us

but we fit together fine

the three muskateers

though pirates was our theme

a crew of artists three

had I met them sooner

things might have been different

we had five months together

that time

was a gift

I loved them both

with all my heart

we kept in touch 

even after I moved on

and left the work to them

a team well trained

my job there


© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

bedtime tonight

tonight as I tucked him in,

my eight year old son,

his eyes lookin’ wide awake

my eye lids feelin’ heavy

he said, “My body clock

is on Tokyo time.”

well, that would explain it

I stretched out

beside him

and whispered

I love you

close your eyes

think happy thoughts

have good dreams

I’ll see you

in the mornin’

I may have dozed

for just a bit

fleece pjs on now

warmin’ up some

my pillow

is callin’


© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

As I fall asleep at night

As I fall asleep at night 

I think a million thoughts

the day just done

the day to come

and all the things To Do

As I fall asleep at night

my night light 

keeps the dark at bay

my closet door is closed

to keep the monsters in

As I fall asleep at night

the ceiling fan rotates

round an round

a quiet whir that lulls

with a gentle breeze

As I fall asleep at night

the cat jumps on the bed

she settles in

with kneading loves

and purrs me to sleep

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles