October 16, 2012

my day ended much the same way it began

walking my dog beneath a dark, yet starlit sky

I woke too soon this morning

4-something instead of 5-ish

I tried to go back to sleep

by 4:45am I’d given up 

and murmured to my husband, “My brain’s awake.”

as I rolled out of bed

he wryly replied, “I don’t think it ever shuts down.”

perhaps not

there are those crazy dreams sometimes

the ones I remember in a vague, bizarre way

the day itself was a good one

drove my boys to school

and I went in with ‘em

spent the morning there

sittin’ in a 5th grade classroom

mounting Art Club art on colored paper

writing out title cards for each piece

then usin’ my three step stool

to hang this mini art show in the hall

in time for Grandparent’s Day on Thursday

home around 11 to walk Blue again

made a phone call, texted with a friend

ate some soup for lunch


a luxury

set my phone alarm so I’d be up in time

to walk the dog again before school let out

picked up my children

fed my parent’s cats

home again

early supper

not a fancy one

make up soccer game at 5:30

for the one we didn’t play in the rain

the sunset was spectacular

my son’s team won the game too

home for the night this time

Blue and I went ‘round the block again

evening spent in the kitchen

dishes, bills, papers

then that last starlit walk

last one ‘til early mornin’ anyway


everyone else is tucked in

my turn…now



October 16, 2012


I can’t get warm
from the outside in
which isn’t like me
to feel shivery
and chilled
from every little draft
I’m not eatin’ ice cream
or drinkin’ an icee
I’m not wearin’ shorts
or goin’ barefoot
I’m just cold
even my nose
like that sweet pup
the one I’ve been
takin’ in and out all day
in gray drizzle
with gusty winds
wearin’ three layers on top
fleece sweatshirt included
fuzzy slippers too
I coffeed up this mornin’
may need to try hot tea next
or just call it a night
and get under the covers

bedtime tonight

tonight as I tucked him in,

my eight year old son,

his eyes lookin’ wide awake

my eye lids feelin’ heavy

he said, “My body clock

is on Tokyo time.”

well, that would explain it

I stretched out

beside him

and whispered

I love you

close your eyes

think happy thoughts

have good dreams

I’ll see you

in the mornin’

I may have dozed

for just a bit

fleece pjs on now

warmin’ up some

my pillow

is callin’


© 2011 Turquoise Tangles