feelin’ antsy

I’m antsy ‘cause of being gone for a week-ish starting tomorrow. Everyone else is tucked in, but I’m making a mug o’tea and staying up. Starting now, until its time to go, I’m going to try to do the 157 things I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, but haven’t quite gotten to…because now, all of a sudden, they gotta get done! *it’s hard to be going out of town for medical reasons, not a pleasure trip, and even more so, it’s hard leaving the children behind and being apart for any length of time too*
So, I better go and DO. I’m wound up and coiled tightly on the inside, ready to spring about. Boing! Of course, I also feel immensely weary, like I could curl up and sleep until sometime tomorrow afternoon. *sigh*
~ Janean

January 19, 2013


I can’t get warm
from the outside in
which isn’t like me
to feel shivery
and chilled
from every little draft
I’m not eatin’ ice cream
or drinkin’ an icee
I’m not wearin’ shorts
or goin’ barefoot
I’m just cold
even my nose
like that sweet pup
the one I’ve been
takin’ in and out all day
in gray drizzle
with gusty winds
wearin’ three layers on top
fleece sweatshirt included
fuzzy slippers too
I coffeed up this mornin’
may need to try hot tea next
or just call it a night
and get under the covers