today is the day

today is the day

that chemo starts again

not for me

for him

I am writing about burnt toast

and brightly colored socks

because it’s easier

to be chatty

about breakfast

and strands of cotton

than the unknown force

that six months of chemo

will be in my husband’s body

we all feel the apprehension

inside this house

we go together

at 12:30 p.m.

today is the day


© Turquoise Tangles

It’s an Art Day

It’s another Art Day here. I can hardly wait! I’ve been invited to show my artwork at a shop in uptown Normal next Wednesday, and I said, “Yes”, even without a stack of completed art, ready and waiting to go on display, at a moments notice. (About a week’s notice in this case.) Along with the “Yes”, I admitted that the ideas have been stacking up, but I hadn’t set aside the time and space to make the art. So, today is the day, and most likely tomorrow. I’m lookin’ forward to it, with a sparkle in my eye and a ready grin. Hooray! It’s An Art Day here!  ~ Janean

© Turquoise Tangles