day by day

“We make plans and God laughs.” I seriously said that aloud earlier this week, on Monday in fact. Like a “bring it on” idiot. Plans change. Sometimes fast. Thankful it’s just flu, and nothing worse. My Grandpa will still turn 98 tomorrow, just without us there in person. We’ll be there in spirit, and keep our germs at home. We have everything we need and will all be A OK soon. I boarded the dog anyway. That too is for the best. Funny thing is, in 20/20 hindsight, I scheduled more things this week than I’ve attempted all in a row for awhile. When first my youngest son was sick on Sunday, I started rescheduling, canceling and shuffling things around. The things meant most to happen did – like helping K3 finger paint, getting groceries (more jello), and visiting fast with friends. My oldest son knew I planned to call both boys off school today, so he diligently worked ahead. I had hoped he’d dodged this bug, but the 8th grader has it now. “Confirmed” like on MythBusters. Quarantined too. That’s what’s happening at my house. Happy Friday and wishing good health to you!


I love my RAV
Just sayin’
When I bought her in late August
I had Art Haulin’ on the brain
This picture shows eight pieces stowed upright, between the seats
There is one more “big one” lyin’ flat in the way back
(18” x 24” plus frame and glass)
The back is usually reserved for Blue, soccer balls and groceries
…though not all three at the same time
Two of these nine pieces I dropped off for the next art show that opens April 19th
Details to come…later
There is art to unload right now
I love my RAV
Just sayin’

April 5, 2013

eggs for supper

I served bacon and eggs to my family for supper tonight because we are out of most everything and I have yet to make it to the grocery store.
It’s Fair Week you know…
First it was gettin’ the projects done
Then it was gettin’ them judged
Now, finally it’s just goin’ to the fair for fun
And we’re goin’ quite often
We’ve been there four days in a row
With two more to go
And don’t you worry…
We’re goin’ those days too
Temps are in the 90’s
Middle mostly
With central Illinois humidity
And not a rain cloud in sight
That’s why I shouted from the kitchen, as I dished up eggs for supper, “I’m doing the best I can!”
For the 4-H motto is
“To Make The Best Better”
~ Janean

August 3, 2012

my art heart

If I could eat, sleep, breathe art I’d be skinnier, covered in glue and paper pieces from collaging and smiling a serene smile because making art smooths out all the jagged edges on the inside, where no one can see. I love the process of making art as much as I love art itself. I’m smiling that smile now and sighing happy sighs because I’ve been making art for a few days straight. I created art last week too. Oh, yes. I needed that. More than I knew. Best of all, I’m not done yet. Round three shall begin once the laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, soccer games, school programs and orchestra concerts are done… I can’t wait to get started! ~ Janean

Once in a blue moon I take my children to the grocery store with me.
So far this week, during Christmas vacation, the three of us have made two trips.
On the second, I ended up with Blue Moon ice cream in the cart.
Tonight we taste tested it.
My youngest son and I.
Afterwards he opted to have chocolate instead.
I went for the new kind.
In a dazzling shade if blue.
The Cat was curious.
As cats often are.
Unless my oldest son love, love, LOVES it, I probably won’t buy it again.
Glad we bought it this one time though.
I admit, I’d been wondering about it for awhile now.
The box advertises vanilla with spices.
And Oh, So Pretty.
Ice cream is ice cream.
Cold, sweet and satisfying.

because I do

I say, “I love you” with the clothes I clean

I say, “I love you” with the groceries I buy

I say, “I love you” with the food I prepare

I hear you say it too

when you say, “Thank you”

I say, “I love you” when you seem blue

I say, “I love you” before I leave the house

I murmur, “I love you” as we fall asleep at night

sometimes you say, “I love you too”

I hear you say it

in other ways

I probably say it too much

just know

I do

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles