Efficiency Over Vanity

I stayed up a little later last night. I was having fun making some art that I'm donating to an event this Friday and instant messaging with a friend. This meant I slept a little later than usual but still tried to wedge my normal routine into the shorter window of time. It didn't work so well. My oldest son, who has recently discovered he shares his mother's Love of Bacon, took the news well when I said, "No time today" in response to his hopeful request for strips of processed meat with his favorite Butter Toast. My youngest son had his usual, "Tostidos and chocolate milk" for breakfast. The youngest also needed just a Morning Snack packed, not a full lunch, since it's a Field Trip day and lunch would be later than usual due to scheduling. Gettin' everyone breakfast, packing a snack, then a lunch (with my husband's help) and, oh yeah, I need to eat too. Some Marmalade Toast eaten standing up in the kitchen for me.

The time went quickly from when I told my youngest he needed to start wigglin' his toes and get out of bed, to needin' to be ready to walk out the door. I hadn't gotten myself ready yet. I was still in my flannel pajama pants with stars on them, a tank top and gray Mickey Mouse t-shirt with thick turquoise socks and my glasses. I did consider throwing on my fuzzy slippers and coat and driving them to school like that. I nearly did it. Instead, I compromised and traded the flannel pants for some gray cargo pants with ties at the bottom to roll the cuffs if so inclined. Not today. I managed to get my contact in – I only wear one – and ditch the glasses and most importantly, I brushed my teeth. I also added some tennis shoes and a big black wool coat to cover my Still Half In Pajamas Ensemble and hit the road.

Children got to school at the usual time – not too early and not late. I was so tempted to come straight home for a shower and then go back out for the few items on the grocery list. However, as much as I didn't want to go to the store lookin' the way I did, I also didn't want to make a separate trip after my shower and have to circle back home before meeting my son's class at school for Field Trip Day. Especially with gasoline at $3.69 a gallon the need for efficiency won out over the glimmer of vanity ingrained in my Female Soul. I sucked it up, parked the car and walked inside, resisting the urge to leave my sunglasses on inside the store like a disguise, wishing I could be incognito and undercover. Thankfully, there wasn't much on the list. Inside the store, I only talked to two people – the guy with the fast moving cart who almost collided with me and the greeter on my way out. I found all but one item (and it could wait), braved the self checkout (using it without incident) and headed for the parking lot.

Groceries are put away. I've gotten that much needed hot shower and have clean hair, my make up is on and I'm wearing my favorite color, Turquoise, for the second day in a row. Now, it's time to head out once again to join my son and his second grade class on their Field Trip. We're taking the train to a nearby town where the bus will pick us up and take us to a restaurant for lunch before returnin' us to school in time to head home once again. It's The Best Field Trip Ever. I can say that for sure because I was lucky enough to join my oldest son on it when he was in 2nd grade, three short years ago. Can't wait!

© 2011, Janean Baird, "Turquoise Tangles"


4 thoughts on “Efficiency Over Vanity

  1. You need what I refer to as…electronic post-its! Or a voice recorder, which I use when inspiration strikes. Luckily most smart phones now incorporate that feature!! 💡

  2. That would be a good device for me to have around… In the meantime I'm still Old School with a notepad and pen in my purse, car, pocket for making notes and catching glimmers of thought before they fly away. I also call my friends and leave voice mails at random times of day so they can help me remember something or send me an e-mail reminder. I also make notes on grocery lists and envelopes. When I get back to The Real Writing Project (that I'm supposed to be doing) an envelope of scrap paper with quickly scrawled notes awaits me. To jog my memory when the time comes to get serious. Soon. Really. It's time.

  3. I can just picture the whole morning rush and learned you wear only one contact ~ how interesting! 🙂

  4. JD – I threw that tidbit about my contact, singular, in for fun. I just wear a left contact. My right eye has such a slight prescription it's not worth the money to buy a half strength contact. My glasses have the bump that eye needs though and some days are just Glasses Days if my eyes are tired or my head is aching.

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