The Idiot Manifesto: Sitting On The Window Ledge



A few days ago, I made a post concerning an idea Nick and I thought up.

A project dedicated to collections of writing each centred around a theme or prompt. A few people were interested in this, when I made a very vague post mentioning the idea.

So! We have decided to create a blog, run by the both of us, that will make this whole idea a lot easier to manage.

Here ‘ya go! Feel free to follow.

Basically, the idea is to have a new theme or prompt every couple of weeks or so, and sometimes we will incorporate sub-prompts, which will help us keep the project fun and easy-going, no?

At the moment, this is open to all.

Be creative. Want to collaborate with your buddy? Go for it. Want to come up with a collection within a collection? Go for it.

Here are a few guidelines for you all to recite at night before you go to sleep. 😉

  • Have a prompt idea? Submit it to us, unless it’s fucked up…
  • Want to contribute?! Post your piece and tag it with the set prompt name. The first will be announced shortly.
  • Want to contribute more than once?! Knock yourself out, have fun. 
  • Deadlines will vary, but and will be announced with each prompt. We’ll try our best to be understanding to those that need a little bit more time. 

Now I know this isn’t flawless, but we will try our best to iron out the kinks as we go on with this idea.

Watch out Sitting On The Window Ledge’s first prompt, in about an hour!

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Cool idea. I’m in. 

The Idiot Manifesto: Sitting On The Window Ledge

You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry


Don’t upset a writer
You’ll end up in their work
Immortalised forever
Just hope they’re not a jerk

Don’t upset a poet
You’ll end up in their rhymes
Everything you said or did
And all of the bad times

Don’t upset an artist
You’ll end up in their art
In flourishes of brushes
They’ll display your heart

Just don’t.

November 29, 2011

Today I have Lunch With A Friend to look forward to. 

Another early birthday celebration. 

She’s picking me up so we can talk the whole way there.

We won’t miss a moment of conversation.

Our words are always overlapping with laughter mingled in. 

I am so thankful for my girlfriends who know turning 40 is a big deal.

Still 39 though…for a few more days. 

Not that I care about The Number. 

I don’t feel old or oldish. 

I just feel like me. 

Which is A Good Thing. 

I’m the only person I want to be. 

No more trying to fit in with teenage angst. 

No more holding back if I have something that needs to be said.

Besides Lunch In The Middle, I’ll take my boys to school, get some groceries, fold some laundry, put the lights on the Christmas tree so ornaments can follow this evening, pick my boys up from school and then take them to get their hair cut. 

I’m not sure What’s For Supper yet…but I have time to figure it out. 

Something Yummy is the answer.

Today shall be A Wonderful Day. 

May yours be too. 

November 29, 2011

© 2011 Turquoise Tangles

Thanks for the reblog my friend! Much appreciated!

You’re very welcome. Your words were too wise to not share them. It’s amazing how much more settled I am, on the inside, since I started writing this spring at My Opera, before Tumblr this fall, and also getting back in the groove of making fine art. Both were missing pieces for my soul. Now I know. Thus, your words struck a chord in me, even though music is not one of my gifts or talents (at all.) ~ Janean