chit chat

I’ve been a bit o’a chatterbox today.
Well, yes…
My friends and family keep callin’, to check in and see how I am.
It’s still a loaded question, as tears are as likely to be the answer as a bit o’sass, but the easiest answer is, “I’m still alive and kickin’.”
So watch out world!
Fair warnin’.

February 28, 2013


Part of my growly mood yesterday was anxiety about my husband starting a new type of chemo today. I just didn’t feel like smiling and making idle chit chat to be polite. I wanted to yell, cuss, kick and cry…but I didn’t do that either. Well, not too much.
~ Janean

July 17, 2012

bein’ girly

I am bein’ girly today

meetin’ a friend this morn

we’re going to gab,

chit chat and laugh

while our feet are soaked,

scrubbed and buffed

then our toes

polished in vivid hues

we’ll slip our flip flops on

talk a little more

hug goodbye 

both of us feelin’ lighter

on the inside

after our time together

sharing hearts

over pedicures

two women

bein’ girly

my birthday present

a little early

from a wonderful friend

who insisted

on treatin’

Thank you, Kim!

I. Can’t. Wait.

Will see you soooooon!



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